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First introduced in 1979, Toyota’s sports coupe, the Supra, was originally named the Celica Supra due to it being an offspring of sorts from Toyota’s popular coupe. There were differences, however. Under the hood, the Supra housed Toyota’s first electronic fuel-injection 6-cylinder engine. A few years later an inline 2.8L single-overhead-cam 6-cylinder was introduced before the inline 2.8L dual-overhead-cam 6-cylinder, capable of a full 145HP, came out a year later. This second engine was later boosted to provide 160HP as well. In 1986, the Supra was given another power boost with the introduction of an inline 3.0L 6-cylinder that could put out up to 200HP, and later a 230HP turbocharged option as well. This Supra saw several innovations and updates, with new front and back ends including lights, bumpers, grills, and trim as well as a more aerodynamic makeover for the 4th generation in 1993. The Supra Turbo was also introduced with a twin-turbocharged 3.0L engine that could put out 320HP and 315 lbs-per-ft of torque.

By 1998, the Supra was no longer being sold in the US and it was discontinued altogether by 2002. This didn’t stop it from remaining popular and winning awards like JD Power & Associates Top Ten Dependable Vehicles in 1998. With its hint of luxurious style, smooth design, and bold presence, the Supra does anything but blend into the background. It has continually remained a popular choice for motor enthusiasts even though it is no longer being actively manufactured. The efficiency, power, and performance of the Supra will continue to make it a favorite as it becomes a classic. For Supra owners looking to elevate their ride’s profile, keep it fine-tuned, and experience all the options available, Valiants Racing is proud to offer a full line of Supra car parts and accessories. 

From shocks, struts, fuel injectors, replacement parts, motor kits, cables, pistons, decals and brake lines & pads to taillights, headlights and everything in-between, Valiants Racing prides ourselves on bringing the best selection of top-quality Toyota Supra accessories and high-performance car parts to you. We’re here to serve Supra owners seeking to elevate their driving game and make their Supra uniquely their own. At Valiants Racing, we understand that your car’s style & performance are essential, so everything we do is focused on helping you find the absolute best parts for your car while delivering the best customer service in the industry. That’s why we stock such a huge supply of aftermarket performance, and other automotive parts and tools. Our commitment to you is to do whatever we can to earn the right to call ourselves your top choice for all your Supra Parts & Accessories.