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About 350Z

One of the most popular of all of Nissan’s offerings, the 350Z was first introduced in 2002 as a coupe before it transformed into a roadster in 2004. It’s the 5th generation of Nissan’s always popular Z series which found their roots back in 1969’s Datsun 240Z. This energetic and hip roadster is targeted at and remains popular with younger demographics who find the car’s unique style attractive and easy to customize to make their own. Once the 300ZX was discontinued in the states in the ‘90s, Nissan kept trying to find a way to bring back the 240Z, but their efforts continued to have disappointing results. They finally found success with the reinvention of the Z concept with a model that included a VQ35DE engine that gave the model its name: the 350Z . This smooth and sleek styled coupe was the instant success Nissan needed at the time.

2004 saw the introduction of the 350Z roadster which also debuted successfully in both Touring and Enthusiast packages. By 2005, the 35th anniversary of the Z, an anniversary edition came out with an upgraded exterior and interior and a 260TQ/300HP Engine. In 2006, Nissan added more upgrades like new taillights, new Xenon headlights, and a new front bumper. In 2007, they replaced the VQ35DE V6 with a 3.5L VQ35HR that could hit 306HP. This version also sported a redesigned, racing-inspired hood. Overall, the model has been recognized again and again in the industry with various awards. These include Edmunds.com Editor’s 2003 Most Wanted Award, Top Gear Magazine’s Car of the Year in 2004, and Top Speed Magazine’s 2007 Japanese Performance Car of the Year. 

The 350Z continues to be popular among racing circuits and the “tuner” section of car enthusiasts – ensuring it will enjoy continued popularity for years to come. No matter which option you choose, both the roadster and the coupe will make the statement you want to make. With a strong 3.5L V6, fine-tuned handling, and a sporty look that redefines expectations, the 350Z is one of Nissan’s strongest offerings to date. As 350Z owners know, part of the joy of ownership is customizing and detailing your car to your exact specifications. Keep your car running in top condition while you enhance its performance and style with quality Nissan parts, tools, & accessories available here at ValiantsRacing.com.

From spoilers, custom hoods, racing seats, custom & replacement parts, motor kits, cables, pistons, and brake pads to taillights, headlights and everything in between, ValiantsRacing.com prides ourselves on bringing the best selection of top-quality Nissan 350Z accessories and high-performance car parts to you. We offer the parts and accessories that 350Z owners are looking for to elevate their driving game. At ValiantsRacing, we understand that your car’s style & performance are essential, so everything we do is focused on helping you find the absolute best parts for your car while delivering the best customer service in the industry. That’s why we stock such a huge supply of aftermarket-performance, and other automotive parts and tools. Our commitment to you is to do whatever we can to earn the right to call ourselves your top choice for all your Nissan 350Z tools, parts & accessories.