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About 3000GT

The 3000GT hatchback and VR-4 have been favorites with car enthusiasts ever since the 3000GT was first introduced and though it was short lived, most models through the final 1999 remain as popular as ever. It’s just one of the most fun to drive compact sports cars out there – ask anyone who owns one. Why is it so much fun? First off – the body is eye-catching and uniquely stylish and while the car is powerful, especially the Turbo charged 3.0L V6 that can put out over 320HP, it’s not a fuel hog the way some sports cars are, as it can still get up to 26 MPG on the highway. Many 3000GTs on the road today have close to or over 100,000 miles showing the durability of the parts and excellence of the design over time. 

With luxury class style in mind, the 3000GT offers a tons of pros like a sunroof, antilock brakes, a surprisingly roomy interior, and power that will send chills down your spine as soon as you turn the key – just like a luxury sports car should. Today, the fact the 3000GT hasn’t been produced in years has made it even more attractive as a collector’s item, driving the value and desire to restore, customize, and upgrade to new heights even now. Today, owners of this hot rod can truly enjoy upgrading, optimizing, and boosting their 3000GT with world-class upgrades, parts, and tools. Find everything you can need to get the best-performance and hottest style out of your 3000GT from the huge selection available right here at ValiantsRacing.com!

From shocks & suspension, struts, racing seats, fuel injectors, intake & exhaust parts, motor kits, drivetrain parts, pistons, brake lines & pads to taillights, headlights and everything else in-between, ValiantsRacing.com prides ourselves on bringing the best selection of top-quality Mitsubishi 3000GT accessories and high-performance car parts to you. We offer the parts and accessories that 3000GT owners are looking for to elevate their driving game.

At ValiantsRacing, we understand that your car’s style & performance are essential, so everything we do is focused on helping you find the absolute best parts for your car while delivering the best customer service in the industry. That’s why we stock such a huge supply of aftermarket-performance, and other automotive parts and tools. Our commitment to you is to do whatever we can to earn the right to call ourselves your top choice for all your Mitsubishi 3000GT tools, parts & accessories.