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About RX-8

Designed as the spiritual successor of the highly successful RX-7, a highly revered vehicle that reached cult status, the Mazda RX-8 faced strenuous competition from its predecessor and from the motoring enthusiasts. The question on everyone’s mind seemed to be: “Will it be good enough?” But it was! 

Featuring a sleek, four door coupe design, the RX-8 was a four door, four seater sports car. Underneath the hood, sitting just behind the front axle, a 1.3 litre Wankel rotary engine with a maximum power output of 247 horsepower and an insane 9.000 RPM redline was in charge of powering the car. A manual or automatic transmission sent the power through the means of a Torsen limited slip differential exclusively to the rear wheels, while a front double wishbone suspension and a multilink system in the rear kept the car glued to the road. Moreover, perfect weight distribution ratios of 50:50 insured that the sports car was not biased towards under or oversteer, but kept a stern balance between the two, in an effort to appease the enthusiasts.  

These features, combined with the competitive price and the allure of the high revving Wankel engine have determined numerous publications around the worlds to award it several titles, the most notable being that of “Car of the Year”. Motoring enthusiasts have not left RX-8 un-noticed, as it has become, just as its predecessor, a tuner favorite. Countless aftermarket performance parts and accessories, such as body kits, exhaust and suspension systems, not to mention cold air intakes and air filters have replaced the stock parts, in an attempt to further boost and refine the power and on-road behavior of the vehicle. 

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