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Arguably the most successful vehicle Mazda has ever produced, the MX-5 earned its spot in the Guinness Book of Records by being the best selling two door sports on the planet, with over 900.000 units sold as of 2011, beating every other competitor on the market. 

One might ask: “But what is the secret?” In short, its unmatched value for money. Even if there are other sports cars on the market, the wide availability, accessible performance and minimalistic man-and-machine attributes of the Miata are unrivaled, even today. 

Introduced in 1989, the MX-5 (or Miata) has passed through four generations, all staying true to the philosophy of the brand, which states that there must be a perfect cohesion between the mechanical organism (the car) and the human soul. As poetic as it may sound, Mazda’s designers and engineers guide themselves after precise principles when involved in the creative process. No wonder the Miata demolished its competitors! 

When comparing the performance figures of the first and fourth generation, to the untrained eye, too little has changed, as only a difference of 1.7 seconds separates the two counterparts when it comes to the acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour (1989 version sprint taking 8.1 seconds versus the 2016’s 6.5 time). The reason for that minimal increase is that the accessible performance of the MX-5 would have been compromised if another much more potent motor unit was used, endangering both the position of the roadster on the market and the inherent credibility of the corporation. 

As such, a subtle evolution was chosen in lieu of an extreme makeover. However, the “little” differences end here: the new generation features an engine that has been placed further behind the front axle in longitudinal position, so as to help with weight distribution. 

The entire suspension system in new, featuring a double wishbone setup at the front and a multilink one in the rear, increasing overall responsive and reducing body roll when cornering at high speed. The novel SkyActiv technology is employed, as the chassis is manufactured from high strength steel, while the body panels are constructed from either aluminum or lightweight steel, as need requires. Moreover, the ride height has been dropped 20mm and the car has a lower aerodynamic footprint, the innovations in body design benefitting both performance and lowering the fuel consumption figures. 

Despite its low displacement engine, the Miata has been a favorite when it comes to modifications, as the accessible price of the parts have increased its popularity. With a vast array of Mazda Miata MX-5 Accessories and Parts, Valiants Racing is an unparalleled resource when it comes to modifying your car. Browse through our offerings and select the most appropriate Mazda Miata spoilers, air filters or chrome trim, at the lowest prices you could find online!