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About Mazda6

Bearing the name KODO – Soul of Motion, the design philosophy behind Mazda’s vehicles focuses on instilling life to the automobiles it shapes. A car, in the eyes of the Japanese manufacturer, is not simply an inanimate amalgam of metal, plastic and wires, but a creature in its own right. In order for a vehicle to be ready for production, an emotional bond must be created between it and the driver. 

Does that sound peculiar? Perhaps, but to an automotive enthusiast it shouldn’t; a car is not just a car – it has a soul, a name, it must be taken care of and respected. Perhaps from this very reason, the Mazda 6 has become a worldwide success. Sold in more than one million examples since its introduction on the market in 2002, the car has evolved through its third generation. 

Originally, the Mazda 6 came in three configurations – sedan, wagon and hatchback, but the latest generation featured only the first two, as the hatchback body style was reserved for the Mazda 3. Both front and all-wheel drive variants are available, while engine choices come in gas and diesel form. With displacement ranging from 2.0 to 2.5 liter, all motors feature an inline, 4 cylinder architecture. As a curiosity, the 2.2 liter SkyActiv-D engine is shared with LMP2 racing cars from Lola. 

As always, the Mazda 6 represents an excellent platform for modifying and customizing, which is why we, at valiantsracing.com encourage you to visit our website and browse through a wide range of components, including Mazda 6 exhaust systems, electronic boost controllers and brake kits, from a variety of high performance producers. Driven by the same spirit that compels Mazda to be in a never ending search for perfection, we offer discounts, fidelity bonuses and an irreproachable customer service, all for your satisfaction.