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About IS F

Built to be the highest performance IS, the Lexus IS F found its shape under the supervision of engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi. Under a tight budget and limited crew, Yukihiko worked hard and created the pumped up version of the IS, using the original XE20 design. Presented in 2006 at North American International Auto Show, Lexus IS F debuted with some interesting performance figures.

Compared to the standard IS, suspension has been lowered by 0.5 inches. When it comes to chassis, it features a slight bulge, as it needed more bay space to fit the 5.0 liter V8 engine. Side air vents, mesh grille and upgraded fenders and skirts complete the outside picture, resulting into an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.30. On the back, the quad exhaust tailpipes feature two pairs of vertically stacked tips which are fit into the body rather than directly connected to the exhaust system.

Getting back to the engine, the 2UR-GSE power unit features direct injection and gives out 416 hp at 6600 rpm. At 5200 rpm, it delivers its peak torque, measuring 503 N/m. To further increase power, a two stage intake system is used; the second intake stage opens when the throttle is fully pressed at over 3400 RPM. Dedicated coolers for engine oil and transmission fluid are also to be found. A high power oil pump has been attached in order to deliver the required output in tight cornering. Cast aluminum intake manifold, forged cylinders and titanium intake valves are some of the upgrades found on the IS F. All the above results in a 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 170 mph.

Lexus IS F delivers power to wheels using an 8 speed automatic transmission with sequential shifting; it allows gears to change in 0,1 seconds, when acting the paddle shifters. Given that a Formula 1 race car is able to change gears in 0.05 seconds, the IS F can be considered to switch incredibly fast. The 2010 rendition of the IS F adds a Torsen limited slip differential to remove understeering, as well as a number of multimedia features: iPod connectivity, Bluetooth streaming. A sport button has been added on the steering wheel since 2011.

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