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Available in both a hatchback and sedan at a really great price and offering extremely great fuel-efficiency has gone a long way towards making the Ford Fiesta one of the more popular sports cars for those looking for something a bit more economical to upgrade and stylize. There’s a lot to love in this American made vehicle including its choice of powertrains like its standard 1.6L 4-cylinder that can put out 120HP to boost the compact and lightweight sports car along to the turbocharged 1.0L 3-cyilnder that delivers 123HP. This is more than enough to get the Fiesta around as the car can still do 0-60 in about 8.5 seconds. You’ll do better sticking with the standard 5-speed manual than upgrading to the underwhelming when it comes to performance 6-speed automatic option, however.

When you sit down in the cabin, you’ll be happy to find a much nicer interior than its entry price suggests. Though there are not many features, there are tons of options and upgrades available to help enhance your Fiesta. When it comes to driving the Fiesta, it’s got strong handling which makes the driving experience more fun. You will find limited cargo space, so if you need to haul a bit more around, there are better options out there. In 2016, Ford introduced a new touch-screen interface to upgrade the dashboard of the Fiesta as well. Yes, the sporty new subcompact Fiesta delivers nice performance, power, and sporty style at a price point and fuel economy level that makes it an ideal choice for students and younger demographics. The fact that the Fiesta can also be stylized, upgraded, and fleshed out with all kinds of custom designs, options, engine parts, upgrades, and tools that you can easily find whenever you want them right here at ValiantsRacing.com makes owning the Fiesta even better!

From shocks & suspension, struts, racing seats, fuel injectors, intake & exhaust parts, motor kits, drivetrain parts, pistons, brake lines & pads to taillights, headlights and everything else in-between, ValiantsRacing.com prides ourselves on bringing the best selection of top-quality Ford Fiesta accessories and high-performance car parts to you. We offer the parts and accessories that Fiesta owners are looking for to elevate their driving game.

At ValiantsRacing, we understand that your car’s style & performance are essential, so everything we do is focused on helping you find the absolute best parts for your car while delivering the best customer service in the industry. That’s why we stock such a huge supply of aftermarket-performance, and other automotive parts and tools. Our commitment to you is to do whatever we can to earn the right to call ourselves your top choice for all your Ford Fiesta tools, parts & accessories.