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About M3

It all started out in 1986, when the first M3 was built by BMW GmbH division of the Bavarian automotive manufacturer. Unlike its brother, the 3 series , BMW M3 showcases increased power in all directions. More horsepower, more torque and better aerodynamics are all boasted by the pumped up M (Motorsport) version of the classic BMW. The E30 M3 is the first one to be built and came into two engine versions; a 2.3 liter in-line 4 (300 bhp) and a 2.5 liter straight 4 cylinders (380 bhp). Both were equipped with 5-speed manual transmission.

Higher engine output on the three colored M3 models were accompanied by changes in chassis and body panels as well as suspension tuning and brake enhancement. Vaguely the only body panels shared between the series models and their M3 counterparts were the hood, roof panel and sunroof. Apart from those, the M3 boasts enlarged wheel arches to accommodate wider wheels and tires. Aerodynamic coefficient is improved using 12 specially designed body panels which provide the necessary downforce.

Another milestone in history of BMW is the E36 M Lightweight, built since BMW racers were pressuring the mother company to provide a homologation version which would be accepted to race against Porsche's iconic 911. The hight was reduced to better suit racing conditions and also many accessories and parts were stripped to preserve a lower weight as possible. No sunroof, no leather seats, air conditioning or radio was supplied for the E36 M Lightweight. Still, accessories like speakers were installed and wired, although the reason is not known. ECU with removed speed limiter and stiffer shocks and springs were also some of the custom features for the homologation version of the E36 M.

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