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About Springs

Springs provide the force and cushion needed to help your tires maintain contact with the road whenever you hit a dip or bump. Springs are part of your suspension system and work together along with your shocks, control arms, bushings, etc. to give a smoother, more stable ride. Your springs also help your car when turning to help prevent the car from rolling over at excessive speeds. So what happens when your springs are going out? Well first, stock installed springs are likely not giving you as strong of performance as you are looking for, so it’s safe to assume replacing them would help smooth out your ride and help handle corners better. Additionally, if you notice changes in the ride height of your vehicle, poor performance on corners, or greater difficulty steering, you likely need to replace your springs – and maybe shocks as well. We have all the high-tech springs you need to give your car the perfect ride. With aftermarket brands like Tein, Eibach, ST Suspensions, Tanabe, and more, you’ll be sure to find whatever you need for your springs and the rest of your suspension right here at ValiantsRacing. 

The more power you put under the hood of your car, the more demand you place on your suspension to provide you a superior, smooth handling and driving experience. Make sure you get the most out of your car’s suspension with suspension replacement & upgrade parts like springs available right here on ValiantsRacing.com. We firmly believe every aspect of your car’s performance is worth the attention to detail that true sports car enthusiasts share. That’s why we’ve built a huge supply of suspension parts, tools & accessories like bushings, coilovers, combos, control arms, springs, struts, shocks, sway bars, tension rods, and more. ValiantsRacing.com, your one-site solution for sports car tool, part, and accessory needs.