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About Shocks

Your shocks have the sole job of keeping the frame of your sports car from bouncing up and down no matter how bad the road or conditions. Shocks are what limit the jars and bumps, giving a nice smooth ride for the car’s frame and cabin. The longer you use shocks, the more they wear down – giving you less and less control. They are less able to resist the movements of the wheel and car body, making it harder to actually steer which can even become a safety concern. Additionally, if you’ve added a lot of weight, size, or other aftermarket upgrades or boosts, your shocks may simply be overwhelmed with the added work load and you need to upgrade to a more powerful aftermarket option designed to handle the increased work load. No matter what shock you choose, you’ll be sure to find it along with all the parts, tools and kits you need to get it installed and working perfectly from all the aftermarket brands you love like KYB, Bilstein, KONI, Skunk2 Racing, Eibach, and more available in our huge and ever-growing online selection of performance aftermarket auto parts and tools.

The more power you put under the hood of your car, the more demand you place on your suspension to provide you a superior, smooth handling and driving experience. Make sure you get the most out of your car’s suspension with suspension replacement & upgrade parts like shocks available right here on ValiantsRacing.com. We firmly believe every aspect of your car’s performance is worth the attention to detail that true sports car enthusiasts share. That’s why we’ve built a huge supply of suspension parts, tools & accessories like bushings, coilovers, combos, control arms, springs, struts, shocks, sway bars, tension rods, and more. ValiantsRacing.com, your one-site solution for sports car tool, part, and accessory needs.