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Shift Knobs


About Shift Knobs

The devil is in the details. When it comes to the perfect ride, it’s not just what’s under the hood and how your car looks, it’s ultimately about how it feels to be behind the wheel of the car operating it at high speed. That’s why real race drivers prefer manual transmissions – because they want to be the one in control. That’s where the true joy of connecting with your automobile is realized for many. So it’s no wonder that the knob that sits atop your gear shifter is so important – especially for racing enthusiasts and those who prefer manual transmissions. Here at ValiantsRacing, we’ve got a huge selection of high-quality aftermarket shit knobs fabricated from all kinds of materials with different styles and features. So go ahead, take your time and make your choice deliberate. Consider the materials used in fabrication – the look, the feel, and the performance options. We’ve got knobs from top aftermarket names like Killer B, Agency Power, Skunk2 Racing, and more.

We know there is more to your car than how it looks and performs. It has to feel just right, the comfort level of the cabin must be perfect, and the style, features, and unique atmosphere you provide for yourself as a drive and your passengers can be customized in nearly endless ways. Your project isn’t done until it looks, feels, and provides the control options you want it to when you are sitting in the driver seat. That’s why ValiantsRacing maintains such a huge supply of aftermarket-performance and other interior upgrades, parts, and options like shift knobs. No matter what your needs are for the interior of your sports car, you’ll find what you need from our large selection of seats, roll bars, steering wills, floor mats, wheels, and knobs. Remember, if you need it for your sports care upgrade or restoration project, you’ll find it at ValiantsRacing.com!