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Blow Off Valves


About Blow Off Valves

Adding a turbocharger to your engine? Make sure you protect your compressor against surge, protecting your engine and turbocharger from increased wear with quality built blow off valves (BOVs) from ValiantsRacing.com. High-quality blow off valves from name brands like Greddy, Turbo XS, Agency Power, Turbosmart, Go Fast Bits, and more are available right here at ValiantsRacing along with all the quality aftermarket tools, parts and accessories you need to properly install, upgrade, or repair your engine’s turbocharger. Don’t think you need to worry about compressor surge? Think again. Without properly installed, durable blow-off valves like those available right here from ValiantsRacing, you run the risk of compressor surge every time you take your foot of the gas pedal. Any of the boost from your turbocharger that doesn’t make it into your engine before your foot lets off and the throttle plate closes is left with nowhere to go to except right back into the turbocharger. This can cause havoc on your turbocharger, engine, or both. Protect your passion and investment in your sports car with quality blow off valves form ValiantsRacing.com!

Upgrading and boosting the performance of your sports car with forced induction requires the right custom and specialized replacement & upgrade parts for your forced induction system. That’s what we’re about here at ValiantsRacing.com: providing you top-notch customer service as well as a world-class supply of aftermarket-performance, and other automotive tools & parts for your custom sports car upgrade or restoration project. You’ll find everything you need to maximize the power and efficiency of your forced induction system in our huge selection of parts like blow off valves. We love cars as much as you do, so we’ve done everything we can to hopefully keep you coming back again and again, not just for forced induction parts like nitrous kits, induction intercoolers, superchargers, turbochargers, twin-chargers, and more, but for all of your auto parts, tools & accessory needs.