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Oil Catch Tanks


About Oil Catch Tanks

When it comes to minimizing the amount of oil vapor that gets fed into your engine’s intake system, there are few options that can compete with adding a custom oil catch tank to your car. If you could take it off and examine it, you’d see that even cars with just a few thousand miles on them contain a fine layer of oil in their intercooler. This coating can get everywhere the longer the life of the engine. Oil catch tanks, by allowing you to minimize the oil vapor, deliver some performance advantages: it prevents lowering the overall octane of your fuel by preventing oil with lower concentrations of octane mix into the rest of your higher-octane gasoline. If you are in the market for an oil catch tank, parts, or accessories, you’ll find high quality oil catch cans made from aluminum, steel, or silicone by name-brand manufacturers like Weapon R, Cusco, Radium Engineering, Perrin, GrimmSpeed, Mishimoto and more available right here at ValiantsRacing.

Here at ValiantsRacing, we love sports cars. Just like you, our own car’s style & performance is what matters to us the most. We see our job as pretty simple: we do everything we can to make sure the absolute best custom and specialized replacement & upgrade parts you need for your car are available right here when you need them. That’s the reason we’ve built such a huge inventory of aftermarket-performance, and other automotive tools & parts for your engine like oil catch tanks. Check back often because we’ll continually update our stock of what’s available to ensure that you’ll find all the parts you need to upgrade your car’s engine, including gaskets, motor mounts, cam gears, pistons, rods, crankshafts, valvetrain parts, oil filters & pumps, lubricants, head studs, engine blocks, pulleys and much, much more. So no matter what auto tools, parts & accessories you need, you’ll find them here at ValiantsRacing.com!