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Throttle Booster


About Throttle Booster

When it comes to getting the maximum throttle out of your sports car, you can get even greater performance and results by installing a Throttle Booster that will modify the signal your pedal sends to the ECU in order to produce a steeper throttle curve. Whereas when you normally press down your pedal about 30% of the way, you receive a 30% throttle boost and at 75% of the way you’d receive a 75% throttle boost – with an install throttle booster you can set that to achiever 50% boost by pressing down the pedal 30% and a full 80% by only pressing down 50% making it require less pressure on the pedal to give a punchier throttle for more explosive acceleration. If you want to eliminate the delay when you press your pedal down, this is the right tool for you. At ValiantsRacing, we have everything to get you going including a variety of throttle and speed controllers, parts, cables, tools and accessories, so go ahead and browse our selection!

We love sports and luxury cars just like you do. We know just how important your car’s style & performance are because we feel the same way. That’s the reason that all our efforts focus on the sole task of helping car enthusiasts just like yourself find the absolute best custom and specialized replacement & upgrade parts available while also delivering stellar customer service. We do our part maintaining a huge supply of aftermarket-performance and other automotive tools & parts – and not just for your car’s electronics, but for every system – inside the cabin and under the hood. We promise to do whatever we can to remain your top choice for ECUs like tuning systems, throttle boosters, sensors, wiring, turbo timers, bezels, pods, gauges, engine management and more as well as for all your auto tools, parts & accessories.