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About Electronics

When it comes to gaining greater control over your engine, modern automakers have done tremendously well using electronic components to get the job done. However, the need for greater and greater control has led to all kinds of Engine Control Units (ECUs) – electronic components that control the mechanical processes of the engine – being installed in cars. Keeping up with and maintaining these modern electronic systems, as well as upgrading, improving, and expanding their performance capabilities requires top-of-the-line auto electronic parts like boost controllers, engine management and tuning systems, gauges, pods, bezels, throttle boosters, sensors, wiring harnesses, turbo timers, and even batteries. That’s where ValiantsRacing.com comes in. 

We have a world-class selection of all kinds of high-end sports car performance ECUs. From optimizing throttle and boost, to auto-detecting and repairing possible issues before they cause a break down, to even enhancing the cabin experience for passengers, there is little today that ECUs cannot accomplish in the modern sports car. The abundance of aftermarket ECUs has made the need to find quality and custom parts, tools, and accessories to enhance, maintain, and upgrade these ECUs even more important. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With dozens upon dozens of ECU options for all kinds of sports cars from the top automakers around the world, ValiantsRacing.com has everything you need to keep your car’s electronic systems in tip-top racing-performance shape and deliver new levels of power, comfort, and performance.

Like we said, at ValiantsRacing, sports cars are our passion. So we get it - your car’s style & performance are what matters most. That’s the reason that all our efforts focus on the sole task of helping car enthusiasts just like yourself find the absolute best custom and specialized replacement & upgrade parts available while also delivering world-class customer service. That’s why we’re so obsessive with maintaining such a huge supply of aftermarket-performance, and other automotive tools & parts. Our promise to you is to remain committed to doing whatever we can to earn the right to call ourselves your top choice, not just for ECUs like tuning systems, throttle boosters, sensors, wiring, turbo timers, bezels, pods, gauges, engine management and more, but for all your auto tools, parts & accessories.