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Clutch Masters 12-13 Honda Civic Si 2.4L 6spd FX250 High Rev Sprung Clutch Kit w/ FW *Req FlashPro

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SKU: cm08240-HR0F-SK
Part Number: 08240-HR0F-SK
Notes: FX250 Clutch Kit; High Rev Pressure Plate; Sprung Hub Dual Friction Organic/Fiber Tough Disc; Upgrade Kit; Steel Flywheel Included
Manufacturer: Clutch Masters
Product Category: Clutches

Our Price: $715.50

StartYear EndYear Make Model SubModel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2009 2013 ACURA TSX ALL L4 2.4 ALL ALL ALL ALL 6Speed Trans
2012 2013 HONDA CIVIC SI L4 2.4 ALL ALL ALL ALL 6Speed Trans
2013 2014 ACURA ILX ALL L4 2.4 ALL ALL ALL ALL 6Speed Trans
2013 2014 HONDA ACCORD ALL L4 2.4 ALL ALL ALL ALL 6Speed Trans


Clutch Masters FX250 Clutch Kit: The FX250 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate and a hybrid combination of Clutch Masters New Formula Button on one side and a heavy-duty Steel Back Organic friction lining on the other. This clutch is designed for the street enthusiast or weekend racer who plans to abuse their vehicle on an occasional basis and have a spirited driving style. The FX250 clutch system has a higher holding capacity than a traditional full faced Kevlar without compromising the street friendly characteristics Clutch Masters is known for

Additional Information

Manufacturer Description
Today, thanks to Clutch Masters, increased holding pressure does not necessarily mean increased pedal pressure and the problems that can accompany it. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on the pressure plate through their Hi-Leverage technique, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power, often without changing pedal pressure.

Excessively increased pedal pressure, as found in many of today's traditional high performance clutches, places an unsafe amount of pressure on the delicate crankshaft thrust bearing found in most of today's sport compact automobiles. Placing undue stress on the thrust bearing typically causes the bearing to wear prematurely or fail altogether. This failure can lead to catastrophic internal engine damage.

A clutch, simply put, is a friction device that disengages and engages the engine from the transmission to allow for transition from motionless to movement and for gear changes. For street applications a smooth transition of power is essential while still being able to transfer all the power of the engine to the transmission. As power output of engines increase and demands on clutches become greater - for example high performance street or racing cars - the holding and clamping capacity of a clutch also must increase. This is where Clutch Masters' innovative engineering comes into play.
Manufacturer Part Number 08240-HR0F-SK
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