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Eibach Pro-Alignment Rear Camber Kit for 09 Acura TL/TSX / 08 Honda Accord 3.5LV6 / 08-09 Accord 2.

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SKU: eib5.67540K
Part Number: 5.67540K
Notes: Pro Alignment Kit; Camber Arm
Manufacturer: Eibach
Adjustment: +/-3.0 Camber & +/-1.0 Toe & +/-1.0 Setback
Position: Rear

Product Category: Alignment Kits

Our Price: $550.00

StartYear EndYear Make Model SubModel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2008 2012 HONDA ACCORD ALL L4 2.4 ALL ALL ALL ALL 2 & 4 Door
2008 2012 HONDA ACCORD ALL V6 3.5 ALL ALL ALL ALL 2 Door
2008 2012 HONDA ACCORD ALL V6 3.5 GAS ALL ALL ALL 4 Door
2009 2014 ACURA TL BASE V6 3.5 ALL ALL ALL ALL UA8 Chassis; Excl AWD
2009 2014 ACURA TSX ALL L4 2.4 ALL ALL ALL ALL CU2 Chassis
2010 2011 ACURA TSX ALL V6 3.5 ALL ALL ALL ALL CU4 Chassis


Eibach Pro Alignment Kit: After the installation of either an Eibach Pro-Kit, Sportline spring kit or Pro-Street coil-over kit, a vehicle's alignment should always be checked. Once a vehicle is lowered, wheel camber may become excessively negative, meaning the top of the tire is angled inward (toward the center of the vehicle). While some negative camber aids in improving traction and road adhesion, too much can result in compromised handling and accelerated tire wear.

Eibach offers a complete range of Pro-Alignment kits, which provide a simple, affordable solution to correct excessive negative camber. These alignment kits not only assist in adjusting a vehicle's camber back to factory specifications, but they also allow an experienced chassis tuner to utilize the increased adjustment range to "dial-in" a performance-oriented alignment that uses negative camber to maximize a chassis' true potential. With correct alignment, turn-in becomes more precise and handling becomes gratifyingly crisp and predictable. High-speed stability is also enhanced, making an Eibach Pro-Alignment kit a necessity for the serious performance tuner.

For the extreme lowering of Sportline and Pro-Street applications, look for the alignment kits with a greater range of alignment necessary to accommodate the extreme lowering. These will be listed below the standard Pro-Alignment kit in the applications section.

* Precision Alignment Kits for Maximum Performance - and Prevents Uneven Tire Wear
* Wider Range of Camber Adjustment - Suitable for Street or Track Tuning
* Two Year Warranty

Additional Information

Manufacturer Description
Eibach springs have supported innumerable race and championship winners over the last two decades. In series as different as Formula 1 and NASCAR, the winning factor is often chassis setup and tuning. When everybody has comparable power, the guy who wins is the guy who can put that power to the ground-and maintain his momentum through the corners. The list of Eibach partners reads like "Who's Who" in Motor Sports: AMG, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Lamborghini, Lola, MazdaSpeed, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Porsche, Renault F-1, Toyota, and many, many more.

Whether you're talking about F1, NASCAR, WRC, CART or Indy Car, Eibach regards Motor Sports as the ideal proving ground. The experience we gain at the highest levels of racing is directly converted into the development of the highest-grade chassis components on the planet. And the enthusiasm created by the challenges of motor sports drives us to ever-higher performance-performance that you will enjoy every time you pull out of the pits-or your own garage.
Manufacturer Part Number 5.67540K
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