Our latest Featured Driver is Zach Stewart – a sports and race car enthusiast from eastern Texas with a passion for the sport and a brand new project car: his 2010 Infiniti G37. Though Zach is still just an up-and-comer in the hobby, he’s already established a social media following with thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook where he keeps his fans constantly updated on the current status of his upgrades to his G37. Currently his project includes comprehensive upgrades to nearly every aspect of the G37 including: coils, strut bar, sway bars, exhaust, cold air intake, high flow cats, rear diffuser, roof spoiler, headers, grounding kit, tune, bride seats, a top-quality aftermarket steering wheel, and much, much more. 

Zach will be keeping us here at ValiantsRacing.com and the rest of his thousands of followers entertained with photos and updates on the project. We look forward to seeing more of your work on this project, Zach! Zach is also active in his local sports and race car community at both Cars and Coffee meets as well Cars at the Club, and will be attending more meets and club events in Dallas through the coming year. It’s the enthusiasm, innovation, and dedication to the sport that makes us here at ValiantsRacing.com proud to have an up-and-coming driver like Zach Stewart as one of our Featured Drivers! Congratulations Zach!


You can follow Zach on Instagram @stewartg37