Meet’s Newest Featured Driver: TC Arzy! A long time enthusiast with over a dozen years of experience in the hobby, you’ll find TC at any drag strip or drift event he can make it to in Denver! Affiliated with 1302CC, 406 Customs, and Nationwide Productions, TC loves the chance to take part in the community and see how fellow drivers have customized their rides. TC, like many of us, loves JDMs, and even a few Exotics. His favorite brands are Toyota, Honda, and Nissan with the top car on his wish list being the 1996 Toyota Supra. TC, a long term enthusiast, currently owns a couple of project cars: a 1988 Honda Civic LX, and his brand new toy: a 2003 Honda Civic SI Hatchback he just recently purchased.

TC has been hitting the slopes of Red Lodge Montana enjoying the winter weather while he eagerly awaits spring to being work in earnest on his 2003 Civic SI. TC loves both the way the car looks as well as what it’s packing under the hood. The snow hasn’t stopped him from already starting to detail the exterior, replace the tail lights, tint his windows, and make several other small adjustments in preparation for the real work that will begin when the snow thaws. TC has big plans for his SI – including custom fenders (to allow for the 18s), lowered coilovers, a complete exterior package including sideskirt and wings. Under the hood, TC what to build his K20a3 to put out a full 16 pound of boost. Congratulations, TC, on becoming’s newest featured driver! We can’t wait to see how your new project turns out this spring!