Valiants Racing adds to it's Domestic performance lineup with Kooks Headers and Exhaust Systems! Kooks Headers and Exhaust offers production applications for many late model domestic cars and trucks. This means that you can get that “custom” header for your early or late model application for a fraction of the cost. There is no other header company in the country that can offer you a header for your gas engine truck, while still building handmade custom race headers that are used in applications making over 3,000 horsepower. Kooks prides themselves in being the pioneers in the stainless steel header revolution and have become the innovators in the exhaust industry as a whole. Kooks designs, tests, and manufactures their products in house to provide the best products at competitive prices.

Company Background

The history of Kooks Headers & Exhaust dates back to 1962 when George Kook (Papa Kook) used his gas torch to build his first set of headers for his family race car. Involved heavily in racing, his talents did not go unnoticed by all the local racers. Papa Kook competed week in and week out at area drag strips. The business of building high quality race headers and exhaust systems continues till this day. For the past 50 years Kooks has concentrated its efforts in the racing world including drag, circle track, road racing, motorcycle, and even offshore boats. Some of the biggest and most dominant names in NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, NMRA, NASCAR, SCCA, and NASA continue to run Kooks headers and win championships. Kooks humble beginnings has now grown to a full fledge manufacturing facility with the help of George Kook Jr. High quality and great customer service remains the number one priority that helps to set Kooks apart from the rest. You can expect that before and after your purchase as well as when you cross the finish line.

Product Lines

- Race Headers
- Street Headers
- Complete Exhaust Systems
- Intermediate Pipes
- Axle-Back Systems
- Mufflers
- Accessories

Product Features

- US sourced 304 stainless steel piping
- High flow designs for optimal power
- 3/8" thick laser cut flanges
- OEM fitment
- "Green" catalytic converters on certain applications
- Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Kooks stainless steel products
- Designed and made in USA!