John Clark has been a sports and race car enthusiast and driver for over half a decade now. John, who loves JDM automobiles, Honda, Audi and aftermarket brands like Voltex and Advan has been recognized throughout local Georgia meets and has even been a VIP presenter in meets in Florida and Tennessee for his work on his 2008 Honda S2000 and his new 2015 Audi S3. John loves the suspension on both of his cars and notes the super handling coils and wheels on the S2000 combined with as he puts it, “one of the best engines and transmissions ever designed” makes the car ideal for track, autoX, or just cruising your back roads. John also loves the S3’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system and magnethorial shocks that give it the best grip he’s ever experienced in an automobile.

Though John’s dream sports car would be a Carrera GT or Acura NSX, he has poured his time, energy ad over $45K into several significant aftermarket upgrades and modifications to his S2000 and S3 that include (on the S2000) an SOS Supercharger Kit, Advan RS2 17x9 Wheels, Ksport Coilovers, Recaro Pole Position, a Momo Steering Wheel, JDP Rear Diffuser, Top1 Motor Front Lip Splitter, and APR CF GT Mirrors. John has also lowered his new Audi, given it a wrap and APR stage 2 tuning. Ultimately, John would love to complete the transformation of his S2000 into a formidable track car by adding a roll cage, racing harness, BBK, and more. John’s dedication to his cars, active participation and strong showing in local meets, and his friendly disposition towards his fellow car enthusiasts are why we feel John is the perfect example of a ValiantsRacing Featured Driver! Congratulations John!

Special thanks to Eric Musgrove and Aaron Quarterman for the help.


You can follow John on Instagram @koi_fish_ya_bish and Facebook at


2008 S2000

Laguna Blue pearl

2.2L f22c 
Sos supercharger kit 
Paxton novi 1220
3.0in pulley 12psi
Walbro 250

oem hardtop
Voltex type 1s full cf wing 
Apr gt mirrors 
Jdp rear diffuser 
Top1 front splitter 
Mugen cf hood

Wheels & Suspension:
Advan Rs2 17x9 +62,+45
Yokohama AD08s 255/40
Ksport coil overs
Hawk+ pads

Recaro Pole Positions 
Momo tuner limited blue steering wheel 
Nrg quick release 
Custom Led controls swap and cruise control relocation by EM3 garage/Eric Musgrove 
Custom shift boot and Elbow pad by JPM coach works 
Custom mounted 10inch kicker in soft top tray by EM3