Company Overview

Thirty years ago, Flowmaster mufflers were conceived as a solution to a growing problem with sound issues at race tracks in California and beyond. In his successful effort to quiet race cars without reducing performance, their founder refused to accept the status quo of the day and instead pushed exhaust technology beyond common thinking. This led to many ‘firsts’ in automotive exhaust science, as well as many patents protecting the various technologies used in Flowmaster products. With those developments, Flowmaster ushered in a revolution in automotive performance exhaust.

Deep into the 21st Century, Flowmaster has continued to embrace new technologies in the automotive world, while continuing to deliver outstanding sound and performance benefits to all types of vehicles from both their legendary chambered mufflers as well as their laminar flow designs. From Flowmaster's state-of-the- art Research and Development Center, new products and applications are regularly introduced, from mufflers to high flow catalytic converters, high-performance headers and a full line of carefully engineered bolt- on exhaust systems. As always, all Flowmaster mufflers and exhaust systems are developed and manufactured only in the USA.

Product Lines

Exhaust Systems
Depending on your choice of sound, Flowmaster has 5 series of exhaust systems / kits designed for different vehicle applications that produce that distinct Flowmaster sound in mild, moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive tones, and widely available in aluminized or Stainless Steel construction.

Street Mufflers
Flowmaster manufactures a wide variety of Street Mufflers for a wide range of applications and sound choices. They make mufflers designed for trucks and cars with big block engines all the way to small 4 cylinder engines and everything in between. Depending on your choice of sound, they offer muffler series with mild , moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive sound.

Race Products
For the true racers, Flowmaster offers a wide variety of universal high flow mufflers for racing applications for applications between 150-1000 horsepower.

Catalytic Converters
Flowmaster's line of premium quality Catalytic Converters covers a wide range of vehicle applications in both Direct-fit and Universal styles. Using proprietary precious metal formulas and the latest in wash coat application technology, Flowmaster Catalytic Converters are engineered to meet or exceed required emissions standards and are designed for long lasting durability and performance.

Exhaust Headers
Flowmaster’s Scavenger Series Elite exhaust headers are designed to replace the restrictive factory cast iron manifolds. These high quality exhaust headers are manufactured from stainless steel and are ceramic coated for maximum durability. They feature 3/8 In. thick flanges and incorporate Flowmaster’s popular 3 In. ball flange collector connections or OEM style flanges to ensure a leak free installation. Scavenger Series Elite exhaust headers deliver maximum performance and are suited to the enthusiast who wants the best.

Accessories and Tips
Flowmaster's line of installation accessories are designed for the professional installer and the Do-It- Yourself builder. These accessories are designed to work with Flowmaster mufflers in custom installations to allow for a high quality installation and years of reliable service. Universal Pipes can be fitted to any application to build a system for your needs. Incorporate the Universal Scavenger Pipe Kit or Universal "H" Pipe Kit to balance out your system.