Now that you’ve finally got your project car, it’s time to begin the journey of transforming it into your dream machine. But where do you begin? There are all kinds of upgrades, performance boosts, enhancements, and add-ons available. However, I bet you are like most sports car enthusiasts: you’d like to get more horsepower out of that stock or newly swapped engine.

Though there are dozens of great ideas out there on small and big projects you can tackle to boost the horsepower and torque your engine can produce, this post is going to step you through 3 of the most popular aftermarket upgrades you can make to your car to give it the kind of horsepower other only dream of. These include:

  1. Add a Cold-Air Intake - If you’ve not already done this – here’s a great place to start with your aftermarket performance enhancements for your project car: adding a cold-air intake. Why does a cold air intake matter? It’s simple, the colder air is, the more dense the molecules in it becomes, meaning a greater amount of oxygen is introduced through the air a cold-air intake puts into your engine over the stock intakes. Does everyone need this upgrade? Absolutely not! The fact is, your project car may already be getting cold air. So you’ll need to check out your engine’s setup to know if this trick will work for you. If your engine isn’t currently getting cold-air into the engine through the intake system, doing so can give you as much as 5-7 more horsepower – a quick little boost to any engine’s performance! ValiantsRacing recommends the following aftermarket cold-air intake systems:

  2. Install a Cat-Back/High-Flow Exhaust – Another way to boost your engine’s output is to decrease the amount of power that it needs in order to push out exhaust gasses. With a cat-back exhaust, your exhaust system is streamlined to reduce resistance meaning your engine can clear out exhaust and reload with fresh fuel and oxygen more quickly than with the stock exhaust in place. While you’re at it, there are likely a number of other replacements and upgrades you can add to your exhaust to further increase performance by making venting such gasses as easy as for your engine as possible. ValiantsRacing recommends the following aftermarket cat-back or high-flow intake systems:

  3. Adding a Super or Turbocharger – a forced induction system can also compress the air as it enters the engine, providing richer amounts of oxygen to combine with fuel during the internal combustion process which yields greater horse power than stock intakes. This is a big one for those of you really wanting to take your engine’s power to the next level. You can achieve improvements as high as 50% more horse power with a supercharger, or turbocharger installed. Though a turbocharger is more efficient, a supercharger is more responsive. So when you really want to see how much power you can get out of your engine – take a look at adding a forced induction system. ValiantsRacing recommends the following aftermarket forced induction systems:

Hopefully these three tips will get you started, but if you are looking for more upgrades to boost your horsepower and torque, here are a few more options to consider: upgrade you exhaust header, install a larger diameter throttle body, consider performance ECU tuning solution, and much more. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all the blog posts as well as aftermarket parts, tools, and accessories available right here at!

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